Stylish Grażyna Szapołowska poses with her granddaughter at her daughter's movie screening (PHOTOS)

life Grażyna Szapołowska It has attracted a lot of media attention for years. Currently, the 68-year-old screen can rarely be admired, and the actress still eagerly appears on walls and reports on her daily activities in social media, posting, among other things, vacation shots or Pictures without makeup. Szapołowska is also always the subject of interest for photographers. Recently, it was taken by photojournalists, for example While you are relaxing by the Baltic Sea in the company of your beloved pet.

It turns out a seaside vacation Grażyna Szapołowska They are already finished. Returning from the Polish sea, the actress, charged with a new dose of energy, decided to go to the salons. On Wednesday, daughter of Szapołowska, Katarzyna Jungowska celebrated her 44th birthday. The director celebrated her celebration with a special screening of “The Witcher Mirakl”, which was held at the Atlantic Cinema in Warsaw.

Of course, her friends and loved ones were present at the birthday show of Jungowska’s works – for example, at the premiere Mateusz Panasyuk and Natalia Jakota. The director was also supported by Grażyna Szapołowska, Who played the main role in the movie Her Daughter. The actress went to the premiere in a chic black suit that she chose Sequin top with deep neckline A necklace with colorful pendants. He bet the 68-year-old For a simple hairstyle and natural makeup She gently tightened her cheekbones and placed them on her lips Pink lipstick.

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During Wednesday’s event, Szapołowska willingly posed for photojournalists in the company of her daughter and other invited guests – and presented impeccable determination and radiant smile. The 68-year-old and her daughter can be seen on the flowered wall accompanied by cinematographer Pyotr Aleskovsky. The actress also did not deprive herself of some pictures With her granddaughter, Carolina Matig. During the mini session, Szapołowska embraced Mate, looking arrogantly toward the lenses.

I remember that Daughter of Katarzyna Jungowska She has already been seen several times in salons alongside her famous mother and grandmother, and there are many indications that she plans to connect her future with the world of show business. two years ago Matej appeared in “The Voice of Poland”, It is now Student at Warsaw Film School.

Watch how Grażyna Szapołowska stands with her daughter and granddaughter.

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I just wanted to say I salute all the patients who are in the hospitals at the moment. Both small and large. you are loved 🙂

Annoyingly polite. She keeps rocking her hair like she’s 16…I hate her

I remember how she broke up with her friends in a theater show because the TV commercial was more important to her. For me, a woman without a class. I’m not surprised Englert didn’t even say good morning to her…

The new star of the fund is preparing…

Mrs. Lala, I wonder if she has already apologized to Hanka Bakucha for selling her flat for a hidden fillet?

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Come on, Szapcia…it’s awesome!

The granddaughter was in Northwest, acting… in the hidden truth, she may have passed

Few people from afar beat such vanity, self-love, contempt for others and self-absorption within a kilometer of Szapołowska. The expressions on her face and her nose held up and the situation says it all

Neither Cork nor the granddaughter of Grandma Beauty appealed to the grandmother of good looks

Szapolowska’s daughter has ugly legs. I’m not alone.

I don’t like her, the best actress is Beata Tieszkiewicz and she has a class that doesn’t look like Szapołowska. That awful way to shake my head

But this little granddaughter. Nothing from Grandma

I will tell you, my children, what it was like during the communist regime … In the middle of every Polish film there was one scene with a “naked woman”. The so-called moment. About half of the movie, Gola Baba appeared in connection with the action… well, then the TV turned off and he went to sleep. In the morning they ran the same movies for two shifts at the plants and mills that were supposed to be after the magazine. When I had to go to school later, I watched a movie and after Naked Baba was gone, I turned off the TV and went to school. There have been many actresses who have played Gole Baby. Well, you already know. One of the actresses who played Goła Baba was G. Szapałowska. Well, turn the kids off the internet and go to sleep.

Now most of the actors are blind because of the surname of their mother or grandmother. A lot of talented people, but it is enough that my grandmother was an actress and the door is open even for the lack of talent…

The whole family…don’t stop

Breaking news

2 hours. Ago

This granddaughter is constantly pushed into the world of the show, but no results. There was already The Voice of Poland and the granny with the butt, the magazine cover, etc. Justynka does the same with Leoncio and Ksenia.

Who is Mr. Piotr Śliskowski?

Krystyna Pawłowicz cupcakes are much more beautiful and cultured. I greet Christia warmly.

If you have ugly legs, why do you show them with tattoos?

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