Review of the movie “Scream VI”.  There are reasons to scream

Scream VI – Introduction:

Is the sixth installment of the horror story about teens murdered by a masked psychopath still capable of surprising anything? And yes. Of course, certainly not a predictable, banal and patchy plot, but not the most important thing in the sequel. What matters above all is the organization of creativity, boldly beating the pace of work and – as happens in the case of the pieces – a lot of blood. All of this—in a perverse form, with intended self-irony and an homage to all previous installments—can be found in the new “Scream.” Perhaps the best since the cult premiere of “The One”.

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While it was revived years later, last year’s fifth edition “shout” Indeed, not yet calmed down, the creators decided – according to the principle “strike the iron while it’s hot” – to start writing the next chapter of the bloody saga. This is a risky undertaking, though, buoyed by the enthusiastic reception to “Five” and the positive reception by fans of a new group of heroes involved in the criminal scheme of Ghostface’s activities.

The Woodsboro Four – Sam (Melissa Barrera) and her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Mindy’s twins (Jasmine Savoy Brown) and Chad (Mason Gooding) – He leaves painful memories in his hometown and moves to New York. It would seem that the hustle and bustle of a huge city would create ideal conditions for hiding in the crowd and working together through the still quite fresh trauma. However, there will be neither a time nor a favorable circumstance for this, for the masked killer is back, and this time he has become extremely brazen and brutal.

Cry hidden in a big city

Taking the action out of the already small, claustrophobic and slightly overcrowded game of the entire Woodsboro series was undoubtedly a successful idea. New York alleys or spacious subway stations Residential buildings It provides a very attractive proving ground for Ghostface, who doesn’t care that his bloody crusade has gone a little anonymous this time around. Crowded streets or trains seem to fuel his distorted ambition, making the killer seem unexpected and unfamiliar.

Against the background of the small community of Woodsboro, New York teenagers wanted to blend in with the crowd and, from the hustle and bustle of the big city, created a kind of protective cushion. What was supposed to give them anonymity and a sense of security is unexpectedly used by their oppressor. Cleverly camouflaging in a new environment, Ghostface is always threatening. Anyway, feeling trapped and at times helpless, the filmmakers manage to convey the tension with the help of appropriate doses of tension.

“Six” faithful to the classics, but also with new ideas

Matt Bettinelli Olbin And Tyler GilletteFor example, the authors of the previous part, once again, not only skillfully turn on the pace of action, but can also breathe new energy into the somewhat rusty schemes of the classic slasher. The already well-choreographed opening scene suggests that the new “Scream” might positively surprise us, although the creators of “The Six” fail to live up to that promise until the very end. The finale, while stunning, brutal, and brilliantly staged, is brimming with obvious, even frivolous plot solutions. Does it bother us though? Not necessarily, because the convention itself and the narrative method proposed by the two directors provide a lot of fun.

As with the previous installment, Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett aren’t afraid to take full advantage of the series’ entire achievements. This time in “Scream” we will find more references to the past, and not just those closely associated with Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. You can see the uninhibited fun with the potential of the entire “Scream” franchise, though the somewhat nostalgic tone that helped produce last year might be a bit overwhelming this time around. However, the creators must be forgiven for such a surrender to the achievements of their predecessors. After all, it’s hard to follow Ghostface’s story without the right context, and for fans of the series, such extensive fan service will only add to the fun of the show.

The Power Sisters, or Barrera and Ortega, stars in the new series

Of course, you can turn up your nose at the oversimplification of the plot, the lack of logic and one-dimensional characters, but isn’t it also derived from the explosive synthesis of brutal and teenage cinema? Here it is supposed to be stupid, nonsensical, sometimes comical, sometimes extremely rude, as films about a masked killer have already become accustomed to. However, we get this popular plotline on a bloodstained tray, further adorned with dark humor, fast-paced action and even a slightly deeper message. Between the lines, the Six’s creators stigmatize the damage caused by hate on the Internet. They also look into the psychology of the victim, who at some point becomes an attacker.

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Let’s not forget that the main character of the new “Scream” is Sam, a girl hunted in the previous part, who “treats” her tormentor with more than 20 knife blows. Is it still a form of self-defense, or is it a manifestation of a demonic nature? Can a serial killer’s daughter “inherit” her killer instinct and enjoyment? The creators of the new “Scream” do not give unequivocal answers, which only increases the curiosity and makes the somewhat flat characters suddenly gain depth.

It wouldn’t be possible without the great duo of the Carpenter Sisters in the person of Melissa Barrera and, above all, Jenny Ortega. The actress, who recently became famous for her role in the series Wednesday, plays parties here, thanks to which we can even forget about the absence of Neve Campbell, that is, on screen Sydney. And, frankly, even its absence is not very noticeable, because it proudly represents the “old guard”. Courteney Cox Giving a better guest appearance here than in the previous part.

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The successful return to Woodsboro a year ago appears to be a spin-off success based primarily on nostalgia and a subtle story-lifting around the legend of Ghostface. Pumped with absurdity and sprinkled with synthetic blood, however, “Scream VI” proves that these austere games with masked psychos can deliver plenty of fun and surprise with subtlety, without losing too much of its simplicity. Because it’s still about chasing one and escaping the other. And although we already know how it will end, we still have the right to be disappointed. Rather thirsty for the next part.

Rating: 7.5/10

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