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These days, Marc-Andre Collier enjoys playing on stage in plays There were ten of them, He enjoys staggering success wherever he tours.

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“It's a change for me to play and enjoy the moment without creating it, because even when I'm at La Marjoline, I make sure the world is happy.” Also, the owner of the theater located in Eastman is gearing up for the summer season starting June 14 with comedy. There may be traces of ego. His two youngest children, Etienne (age 14) and Emile (age 15), with his wife Nathalie since 2012, will spend the summer working there. Emile will be a diver and Etienne will be at the ticket office, just as Alice and Louise did. (These are the children of his union with Anne Dorval. The first, aged 30, an actress, the second, aged 25, a cabinet maker.)

This is my 21st summer at La Marjoline. I bought it in 2003 to open in 2004. The play I'm presenting this summer is in production along with Encore, which will tour later. La Marjoline would later welcome the arrival of the musical Nuns From August 14, after a stop at the Theater Lionel-Groulx in Saint-Thérese from July 25 to 27. Comedy will also be performed at Rideau Vert from November 7 to 9. Also, his father Jean-Pierre Collier is doing well. “He's in great form. He's 86. He takes it easy. He started sketching. Jean-Pierre started his career as a cartoonist. He does a lot of drawings for CHUM, of which he's an honorary patron. These are denials, puzzles to stimulate cognitive abilities. He started Four years on, he has almost 600 drawings.

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