Why don't actors kiss Turkish soap operas?  |  What's wrong with Fatmool?

If you are a lover What ““,” எலிப் “, ”,“ Mom ”, among others, you could observe that they did not show many kisses between the protagonists. You know why There are no kisses or hugs in the scenes.

Also, if you are fascinated by Turkish soap operas and its plots are a mixture of love and intrigue, you may have noticed that there are many erotic scenes.

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For example, products “Arabian Nights”, “Forbidden Love”, “Eternal Love” They tell excellent love stories, and the protagonists usually do not provide emotional scenes of their affection, unlike Latin plays, where scenes of couples are even seen in bed.

Heroes of the Turkish novel “One Thousand and One Nights” (Photo: IMDB)

The worst scenes in Turkish production are controlled by the country’s soap operas’ High Council of Radio and Turkey’s Television (RTÜK), which have very strict guidelines for what can or cannot be shown on screen.

Journalist Pere Sole Kimferr explains in a column in this year’s La Vanguardia newspaper that most of these guidelines are based onThe ideology and ethics of this Middle Eastern country.

Ferryha's secret
Ferryha’s secret

According to RTÜK, kisses and affections between couples should be minimal. In June 2020, actor Furgan Antique told the ‘El Boss’ newspaper that he was expressing this affection. They can not be on the screen for more than 3 seconds.

Beren Chad and Engin Akurek were nominated for Best Actor at the Latin Turkish Awards.
Beren Chad and Engin Akurek were nominated for Best Actor at the Latin Turkish Awards.

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What if they do not meet those guidelines?

If the producers do not comply with these terms, they will face severe financial penalties. Thus, in February 2021, Turkish authorities fined Fox TV for a scene in which the heroes of ‘Love Is Air’ massaged each other and appeared together in a jacuzzi. So, you know why there are no emotional scenes.

Must comply with production guidelines.
Must comply with production guidelines.

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