“D’eux” Album Celebrated at SuperFrancoFête: A Tribute to Celine Dion That Promises to Move, According to Scott Price

Scott Price, her music director since 2015, predicted that playing the best of Celine Dion at the Agora de Québec on Sunday evening, as the Quebec icon battles the disease in Las Vegas, will create a lot of emotion.

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Already during rehearsals, “we see it coming, everyone has moments of emotion,” says one who leads the group of 14 musicians during the show’s presentation. Pour Toi Céline – Tribute to D’eux albumAs part of SuperFrancoFête 2023.

“When you look at everything she has done in two hours, you say to yourself: what a career! In the videos, we see the heights she has reached. It’s interesting,” says Scott Price, who, like the rest of the singer’s staff, lives by faith.

“We believe his life is on hold, but this show is a moment for serious reflection.”

Isabelle Boulay, Mario Pelchat, Bruno Pelletier, Camille Lellouche, Véronic DiCaire, Corneille and Roch Voisine are the cast of the show.

High respect

According to the musician who headlined Thursday’s big SuperFrancoFête show, to properly gauge Celine Dion’s level of international fame, you have to rub shoulders with her up close.

“We come to galas in Los Angeles with Prince, Madonna, and when Celine comes, it’s like the opening of the Red Sea. Everyone loves her, everyone respects her. She’s held in the highest regard everywhere,” he says.

“How many singers play in London, Paris, Singapore, Macau? Not many people are in this position. He’s a big star.”

Evolving songs

When was Scott Price around Celine Dion? Two Released in 1995, it became the best-selling French-language album of all time. However, from sharing the stage with him, he is familiar with some of the titles from this legendary record. For you to love me again.

“Celine fans, whether they’re in Australia, Germany or the UK, all know this song. It is the most famous of his French compositions.

Over time, the musician mentions other topics Two Formed in concert.

“Not to mention that we changed the songs, they became heavier. For example, in Ballet, the blues key is more intense. In 2016, we did I do not know A large orchestra, with five strings and five brass instruments. For me, as an organizer, it was fun to do a big version.

Pour Toi Céline – Tribute to D’eux album Standings still available at Agora de Québec, Sunday, 8 p.m. The show will air on September 15 on the M6 ​​channel in France. A broadcast date on TVA in Quebec has not yet been announced.

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