A global scavenger hunt is now underway

Hidden codes at the base of 99 statues across the planet reveal a horrifying puzzle: Danish artist Thomas Tambo, famous for his giant statues made of recycled wood, launched a global treasure hunt on Monday to find his hundredth statue, which is shrouded in secrecy.

While their cheerful faces are sometimes a bit melancholy, his several-meter-tall sculptures are often placed along a trail or forest bend on the edge of major cities from Australia to South Korea through the States or Belgium to inspire the city. Residents to rediscover nature.

All 99 statues have an already known position on the artist’s map (trollmap.com). But in recent weeks, Thomas Tambo has been hiding clues in the form of metal QR codes to find his hundredth creation.

“I decided to make it super secret and make it a complicated treasure hunt,” the Copenhagen-based artist told AFP.

As of now, we don’t know exactly where “Moon Moon” is. A few privileged people, including the AFP, were lucky enough to find it, but only after a car ride with tinted windows.

Thomas Dumbo

PhotoJames Brooks/AFP

Thomas Dumbo

According to the story imagined by Dumbo, the matron, six meters tall, with a face made of old wood, was born deep in a tree.

Finding her will be an adventure. For a long time even the artist’s associates did not know his whereabouts.


Former graffiti artist and rapper Thomas Tambo started his project in 2014 after creating the first two trolls for a music festival.

“Throughout Scandinavia we have goblins in our mythology and folklore,” he says.

The artist explains that he recreates his childhood fairy tales through his carved giants, each of which has a name and a story of its own.

PhotoJames Brooks/AFP

On this rainy Thursday in March, his team members carefully tie long branches of the tree to create the troll’s flowing hair.

“We opted for a wild, untamed hairstyle,” laughs one of them.

According to Thomas Tambo’s estimates, fewer than ten million people have visited his works, with the exception of “Hector Protector” in Puerto Rico, which was swept away by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and is still accessible.

PhotoJames Brooks/AFP

All continents except Africa are home to giants.

Once the 99 giants’ clues are collected – collectively – fans must individually solve a puzzle to find the secret location.

“She’s a bit secretive, a bit tough”, admires the visual artist. According to him, the mystery should be solved within two or three weeks.

With the desire to get the public out of their homes and make them think.

“I believe my art can be part of a movement to show people that waste is not disgusting and useless,” Dane says.

“It is capable of inspiring thousands of people like a treasure”, enthuses the creator.

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