Corona Virus.  Russia: record number of injuries.  Nearly a thousand deaths from COVID-19

The number of deaths due to COVID-19 during the day approached 1,000: 997 people have died since Saturday.

Thousands of people are sick in Moscow – more than 6.7 thousand people have been registered in the Russian capital over the past 24 hours. New cases of corona virus. Almost 3.5 thousand people were discovered in St. Petersburg. infections.

Almost 2.8 thousand of them came to the Moscow region. So many infections in one day have not yet been recorded in this important area around the Russian capital.

The total number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic has reached nearly 200,000, according to government employee data. Two times higher figures are provided by the statistics office Rosstat – more than 400,000. The difference is due to a different methodology.

Government employees reported the deaths, the main cause of which was the coronavirus. Rosstat also takes into account those cases in which it was not the main cause, but contributed to the death of the patient.

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