Disable Brock Lesnar script in Elimination Chamber?

In the Elimination Chamber 2022 Brock Lesnar worked hard on his opponents. He knocked them all out, except the champion who could never enter the ring due to a real injury. Whether it’s Seth Rollins, Riddle, AJ Styles or Austin’s theory, everyone is knocked out by the new WWE Champion – during the Main WrestleMania 38 event, he will put his belt on Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship.

One of the highlights of this Elimination Chamber match was that Brock Lesnar broke the Plexiglas of his room, replaced Bobby Lashley and destroyed everything until he won. This moment is obviously not planned by WWE and themselves Animal Will then emerge from the script. PWInsider claims to be the same This location is not in the plan.

Let’s see it again below:

However, this rumor has been questioned. In fact, some fans seemed to have cut the Plexiglas in advance during the re-broadcast after the match, indicating that it was well-planned. However, this is not currently confirmed by US sources. The investigation is yours and we will find out soon!

Photo credit: WWE

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