Where do you dispose of pizza boxes?  Few people know the answer

Regardless of whether there are fans of the classic margherita, the controversial Hawaiian, or the famous capriciosa, one thing is certain – most of us love pizza. Unfortunately, few people know where to dispose of greasy cardboard. We dispel doubts.

We learned about waste segregation at school, but only in the last few years has there been a greater focus in Poland on throwing waste into appropriate containers. Although it's increasingly said that a plastic bottle or can should go in the yellow bin, few people realize what to do with a cardboard pizza box.

Where do you dispose of pizza wrappers?

On the one hand, the packaging of this Italian delicacy is made of paper, so after eating pizza it may seem that the cardboard should fit into the blue container. However, it becomes more complicated because only clean cardboard should be placed in this container.

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So what to do with a greasy package dripping with olive oil and showing traces of cheese or sauce? First of all, it should not be placed with sorted and dirty papers. It is better to throw it away Pizza box for mixed waste, any black bag. However, this is not the end of the rules. Many pizzerias are adding boxes Aluminum foil, which aims to protect the dish from heat loss. So, before you get rid of the cardboard, put in the plastic In the yellow container On plastic and metal.

Where should a clean pizza box go?

The situation is also different in the case of pizza packaging that has not been dirty. In this case, the cardboard must be recycled and we can dispose of it safely Blue paper container.

As a rule, pizza wrappers are dirty, but only on one side. Then it is worth cutting off the upper part of the cardboard and placing it in the blue container, and throwing the dirty lower part into the mixed waste.

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