gift for a child.  The tax office changes its mind and makes you pay the tax

The journal in the article gives the most recent individual explanations regarding the exemption from the gift tax, provided for in Art. 4a of the Inheritance and Gift Tax Act. They clearly show: The beneficiary will only benefit from the exemption if the funds are deposited directly into his account“. – we read in the article DGP.

Donation tax. Here are the potential pitfalls

This is where the problem arises, because parents who want to finance the purchase of an apartment for their children often pay the money directly into the seller’s account. However, in this case, the tax office will require the child to pay the tax.

– It is difficult to find an explanation for such a tightening of the situation, because the tax regulations in this regard have not changed, – Grzegorz Grochowina, head of the knowledge management team of the tax advisory department of KPMG in Poland, comments on DGP.

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The magazine also warns of this Donating cash on hand can be risky. This solution is challenged by the administrative courts. The tax office warns that family donations must be made by bank transfer.

How much is the gift tax?

If the donation amount in the first group exceeds PLN 22,256, the tax is PLN 890.30 plus 7%. On surplus over PLN 22,256.

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