March 31, 2023


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How much does a drywall burger cost?  McDonald's prices in 2022

How much does a drywall burger cost? McDonald’s prices in 2022

The El Hattab burger has just returned to the McDonald’s chain of restaurants. While the taste (most likely) will remain the same, the price has changed. Now we have to pay PLN 24.90 for a classic lumberjack, and a year ago it was PLN 17.40 – the difference was PLN 7.50. Unfortunately, the increases also apply to other versions of this burger and combos.

Inflation has caught up with the most popular fast food, which isn’t much of a surprise. Even if we expected it, the increases could hurt.

The drwala burger, inside which we will find cheese melted in breadcrumbs, beef cutlet, two slices of bacon, lettuce and grilled onions, is one of the classics of autumn. McDonald’sWhich attracts many people to the restaurant. Will it be the same this time too? Unknown, because the increases are really big.

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How much does a Lumberjack burger cost? McDonald’s prices

This year’s prices are:

  • Classic Drewala Burger – 24.90 PLN, which is 7.50 PLN more.
  • Drwala double burger – 29.90 PLN, which is 9.60 PLN more.
  • Drewala burger with chicken – 24.90 PLN, which is 7.50 PLN more.
  • Drewala burger with cranberries – 26.40 PLN, which is 8.50 PLN more.

determining prices:

  • Double drwala burger set PLN 36.40.00
  • Drewala burger with chicken set PLN 30,90,000
  • Drewala burger with cranberries PLN 32.90.00

So the average increase is 45%.

“McDonald’s restaurants in Poland are run by dozens of operators, i.e. McDonald’s Polska and 84 franchisees who own more than 90% of the restaurants. Each entity makes its own price decisions, guided by the market situation and the level of costs. Economic uncertainty and inflationhigher prices for raw materials and energy have an impact on the business, ”- Katarzyna Kochesz-Russo, Director of Corporate Relations at McDonald’s Polska, answered when asked about this fact through the Wirtualne Media portal.

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