“Mutla” in CPK.  Removal of the President

The Supervisory Board dismissed the head of the Central Communications Port, but the company has not made an announcement yet – Determined by money.pl.

The Supervisory Board has entrusted the duties of Chairman to Dr. Filip Czarnecki, Chairman of the Board of Directors. According to the company, Jan Kantak has also resigned from his position, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for the so-called railway component of the Central Communications Port. Andre Allot, member of the Board of Directors responsible for finance, remains in his position.

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Maciej Lasek: A new opening for CPK is needed

What is needed is a new opening atmosphere and finding the right working directions for the company – emphasized Lasik.

The members of the Supervisory Council of the Communist Party of Korea are:

  • Philip Czarnecki (Chairman) – Legal Consultant, Specialist in Aviation and Corporate Law, Lecturer at SWPS University,
  • Andrzej Elko (Vice President) – long-time director of Polish Airports (PPL), former director of Chopin Airport, military pilot,
  • Adam Sanocki – associated with the Aviation Safety Institute Foundation, headed by Maciej Lasek,
  • Magdalena Javorska Mackowiak – Head of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, and former official of the European Commission Advisory Body.

Onset of changes in CPK

After the Civic, New Left and Third Way coalition seized power, Maciej Lasek succeeded Marcin Hurawa as Plenipotentiary of the KPK. He announced a large-scale audit of the central communications port. As he said, changing the supervisory board means the beginning of the audit process.

The changes are the beginning of scrutiny of the CPK program announced in Prime Minister Donald Tusk's unveiling. At this moment, I cannot yet announce what my recommendations to the Cabinet are regarding the continuation of the CPK program and its scope. but I can guarantee that all decisions regarding CPK will be based on expert opinions With responsibility for every zloty spent of public money – he said in an interview with money.pl.

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