War in Ukraine.  Missile bombardment on Kyiv.  Russia attacked in the morning

Kiev was bombarded with ballistic missiles by the Russians early in the morning. According to the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitali Klitschko, some fragments of the falling missiles fell on residential homes, leading to the outbreak of fires. Ten people were injured. This was the first major missile attack on Kiev in several weeks. The Polish Operations Command picked up two fighters.

“I heard several loud explosions in Kyiv. Debris fell in the regions of Svyatoshinsk, Shevchenkievsk and Podilsk. The capital's mayor said on social media that emergency services and medical services went to the site. Vitali Klitschko.

He added, “In the Svyatoshinsk region, fragments of a missile fell on a kindergarten building. Cars are burning in Shevchenkovskaya.”

War in Ukraine. Russian missile attack on Kyiv

Klitschko provided information about a burned-out apartment and debris at the company's headquarters, Fire on the roof of an apartment building And a fire in the transformer station.

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The mayor said: “The number of injured civilians rose to ten. Two of them were taken to hospital. Paramedics provided assistance to others at the site.” He pointed out that air defense units responded to the attack.

This was announced by Serhiy Popko, Head of the Kiev Military City Administration The air defenses over Kiev and its surroundings shot down about 30 missilesIncluding ballistic missiles.

“After a break of 44 days, the enemy attacked the Ukrainian capital. The enemy used Ch-101, Ch-555 and Ch-55 cruise missiles launched from Tu-95MS strategic bombers. “And the ballistic missiles are from the territory of the Russian Federation,” Bobko said.

It was the first Major missile attack on Kyiv For several weeks.

War in Ukraine. The Russians bombed Kyiv. Poland picked up the fighters

But in Poland, the Operations Command stated that “Intensive long-range aviation activity of the Russian FederationRelated to air and missile strikes on targets located in the territory of Ukraine.

“We warn that Polish and allied aircraft have been activated, and this may lead to increased noise levels, especially in the southeastern part of the country,” the Operations Command said overnight.

After 6 it was reported that “The operation of Polish and allied aviation in Polish airspace endedMobilized forces and resources returned to normal operational activities.

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