Video |  Robert De Niro falsely accused of participating in a pro-Israel protest

A viral video purporting to show actor Robert De Niro confronting pro-Palestinian activists during a protest in New York is actually a hoax, reports CNN.

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The popular actor's agent has denied this information. The latter confirmed during an interview aired in American media that the images broadcast out of context on social networks were captured on a film set on April 27.

You can see the hero of the film there Taxi driver Shouting in a group of people.

“This is not a movie! Go behind the barricades. Do you have something to say? So, go home,” chants the eight.

“It's dangerous, they say they'll do it again! Again! You don't want that. You don't want that. Come on, let's be serious,” he continues. By multiple accounts, the actor was said to be referring to the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Note that demonstrators are not visible in the extract.

Keep in mind that these rumors arise at a time when there is a very tense climate on the campuses of many American universities, the targets of pro-Palestinian activists who set up camps there.

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