Multimedia fountain shows are back.  The first is already behind us.  When is the next one?

From now on, the shows will take place throughout the weekend in May, and then every week until the end of summer, on Fridays and Saturdays at 21. Residents and tourists will enjoy a total of 10 shows.

– The multi-minute animation that we will see again at the fountain in Litevsky Square refers to the history, culture and architecture of the city and harmoniously combines water views, image, light and sound. The opening of the new fountain season will be the long weekend in May, during which you are encouraged to spend warm spring evenings in the center of Lublin – says Krzysztof Jok, Mayor of Lublin.

Show schedule in May:

• May 2 (Thursday) – Devil's Claw, United Nations
• May 3 (Friday) – Symphony of Science and Aviation Traditions in Lublin + Dream of the City
• May 4 (Saturday) – Devil's Claw, Lublin Aviation Traditions + Lublin Angels
• May 10 (Friday) – Wieniawski IMPRO, history of Litewski Square for fun
• May 11 (Saturday) – Devil’s Claw, United Nations
• May 17 (Friday) – Symphony of Science, cultural events
• May 18 (Saturday) – Devil's Claw, Lublin Aviation Traditions + City Dream
• May 24 (Friday) – Lublin is Youth (performance in Polish), Symphony of Science
• May 25 (Saturday) – Wieniawski IMPRO, Lublin Aviation Traditions + Lublin Angels
• May 31 (Friday) – Wieniawski IMPRO, Union of Nations.

The Multimedia Fountain in Lublin is one of the most modern facilities of this type in the country and Europe. The complex consists of nine water fountains, including seven in the newer part of the park, a spiral fountain and the main multimedia fountain. The multimedia fountain contains 227 nozzles and 319 reflectors that create multi-color sequences. The implementation of multimedia shows at the fountain in Litewski Square is coordinated by the Marketing of the City of Lublin.

The current schedule and descriptions of the shows are available on the website and the official profile on the social networking site

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