United States of America.  The murder of Gabi Pettito.  Brian Laundry’s remains have been found in Florida

  • According to the FBI, Laundry’s personal belongings were also found. Among other things was a backpack and a notebook
  • “The items were discovered in an area that until recently was underwater,” FBI agent Michael McPherson said on Wednesday. He added that the man’s remains were discovered Wednesday in a swampy area of ​​Florida in the Carleton Nature Preserve in Central Florida
  • The family reported on Laundry in mid-September. He was “of police interest” in connection with Pettito’s murder. However, he was not accused of this
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The cause of young Americans has gained significant publicity in the United States. Both set off from Long Island, New York in July, on a trip across the country and documented their itinerary on social media. As evidenced by the evidence found, there were some misunderstandings between them. Police made available, inter alia, video footage of the couple’s quarrel shortly before the woman’s disappearance.

NBC News reports that Laundry returned to his parents’ home in North Port, Florida on September 1 in the car they were traveling in, but without his fiancée. He refused to talk about her whereabouts. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared without a trace. As his parents testified, he went on an expedition to the nearby Carlton Reserve and never came back.

Carlton Reserve is a vast swampy area in which they live, among others. Crocodiles, coyotes, lynxes and snakes.

Gabe Pettito. Blogger’s disappearance story

22-year-old Pettito was last seen alive on August 26. Her body was found near Spread Creek Campground on the edge of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Doctors said she was strangled.

Pettito and Londry previously lived with his parents in Northport. Both attended high school there.

While traveling through Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and various places in the West, Pettito documented the trip on social media using videos and photos. They showed a couple in love admiring an American adventure.

The woman posted the last photo on Instagram on August 25. On the same day the last time she spoke to her mother on the phone.

A warrant for Laundry’s arrest was issued after he, according to police, used a Pettito debit card without her consent.


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