Crimea.  The car of the Russian promoter "Moon in disgrace".  Earlier, Kisielow, among other things, threatened Johnson |  News from the world

Dmitry Kiselov’s cars were set on fire at his property in Koktebel (a residential estate located in Russian-occupied Crimea) on Aivazovsky Street. The accident occurred on the night of September 17-18 this year.

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Koala to Moraveki: How it will be after this war also depends on you

Crimea. An unknown assailant set fire to the car of a Russian TV presenter

At night, about 2, on the territory of the Russian broadcaster’s villa, the culprit is unknown set fire to Land Rover Freelander parked in driveway and electric golf cart. “According to preliminary information, an unknown person wearing a medical mask, glasses, hood and shoe covers at around 2 p.m. entered Villa Rachista and set fire to his Land Rover Freelander. With him, a golf cart parked nearby was burned.” The Kremlin news media wrote on the telegram.

Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Alexei Aristovich, commented on the accident, saying that the car “burned in shame” and that it was “understandable”. “Already the same Russia the bosses big Companies jump out of shame, and die of heart attacks and strokes. It is said that in the area Begorod Buildings burn with shame. Apparently, they will only get worse. Everything will be on fire from Kaliningrad to Kuril “- said Aristovich, citing the news agency UNIANWho posted the cremation recording.

The process of exhumation of the dead civilians in Izyum is still ongoing. “The Effects of Violent Death”

The Kremlin. Dmitry Kiselov publicly supports the actions of Vladimir Putin

Dmitry Kiselov is a Russian TV presenter on the public television station Rosseiga 1, also an advocate who publicly supports Vladimir Putin and war in Ukraine. In 2013, he was appointed head of the Russian media group Rossiya Siegodnia, which is controlled by the authorities. In his program, he often threatened countries that did not agree with the Russian novel.

Let us recall that on the air of the program “News of the Week” shown on the Russian propaganda channel 1, Dmitry Kiselov threatened the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Then he stated that Great Britain is so small that “a Russian Sarmatian missile is enough to flood the island Once Forever ”- says the portal

The war in Ukraine - the exhumation of bodies in IzyumCrimes in Kobyansk. The Russians had to burn the Nazi symbol on their bodies

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