Horizon Forbidden West – PS5 vs PC.  Detailed comparison from Digital Foundry

“Horizon Forbidden West,” one of the most technologically advanced games on PlayStation 5, is coming to PC tomorrow.

But just before launch, Digital Foundry conducted a detailed analysis of the game's graphics across the PC and PS5 versions, providing fans of the game with an insight into the differences between the platforms.

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The PC version, developed by Nixxes specialists, was praised for its beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, which were already impressive on PS5. However, what makes the PC version stand out is the ability to adjust graphics settings in real time, allowing players to optimize the game depending on the hardware they will be playing on..

Digital Foundry highlights several key aspects, such as widespread support and the ability to disable letterboxing during cutscenes. Furthermore, loading times on a high-end PC with a fast NVMe drive are comparable to the experience on a console, Which is supported by DirectStorage, although GPU decompression is not enabled.

The video highlights that Horizon Forbidden West for PC offers enhanced features, the ability to run performance tests and improved image quality. Although some improvements are less obvious, increasing the number of samples,lBetter quality effects and more detailed terrain can be observed.

Overall, Digital Foundry describes Horizon Forbidden West on PC as an improved and efficient version of one of the PS5's most demanding games. This allows PC players to enjoy a console-like experience, but with additional settings that raise the visual level of the game.

“Horizon Forbidden West” on PC is a proposition that might convince even the most ardent console fans. Check out Digital Foundry's full analysis and find out what the differences are between the two versions and whether they're really noticeable while playing.

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