Wagner Memorial 2022: Poland - Serbia.  Live coverage and score

On the last day of the Hubert Jerzy Wagner Memorial, Poland’s representatives will play Serbia. Piao Zeroni secured their championship win on Friday, so they will now be fighting for a host of victories. Live coverage and live score of the Poland – Serbia match on Polsatsport.pl. It starts at 18:30.

Wagner Memorial is a three-day tournament. It involves four representations, playing a “peer-to-peer” system. The Poles have already won with Iran (3:0) and Argentina (3:0). Now they will fight Serbia. Volleyball players from the Balkans lost the first match (1-3 against Argentina) and won the second match (3-2 against Iran).

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The battle with the Persians was very difficult, because the fifth set was necessary to determine the winner. In it, when substituting the team, Serbia scored two points in advance – after Vuk Todorovic’s serve was 6: 8. The finish also went well for the Serbs, who won four consecutive actions (8:13). Petar Krsmanovic won the match ball (9:14), and the missing point resulted in an automatic attack from opponents (10:15).

As mentioned above, the Poles won 0 twice, thanks to which they spent less time on the field. So they are in theory more refreshing. Besides, they will play without any pressure, because they have already achieved their victory in this event.

The Wagner Memorial is the last test before the World Cup. This will start on August 26 and run through September 11. The Poles will defend their championship titles from 2014 and 2018.

Live coverage and live score of the Poland – Serbia match on Polsatsport.pl. It starts at 18:30.

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