New York Red Bulls banned - refuse to pay for Patrick Klimala

Klimala moved in April 2021 from Celtic Glasgow to the New York Red Bulls. The MLS club was to pay 4.36 million euros for it. This is important because the solidarity fee is calculated from this amount. It is valid for every cash transfer from one country to another. The money is given to the teams in which the player has trained from the age of 12 to 23. 5% of the transfer amount. This amount is split between clubs (5% per year for players 12-15 years old and 10% for players 16-23 years old).

New York Red Bulls do not agree with the claims of Polish clubs. The quarrel with the Americans has been going on for a long time. Perhaps half a year ago, with the help of the Polish Football Association, we sent a letter for debt enforcement. The union helps us a lot – admits Baginsky. – Since FIFA has imposed a penalty, it means we won’t see the money soon – he’s worried.

Joanna Misivic of PZPN’s National Competition Department, which is responsible for overseas transfers, informed the world federation of the decision on Twitter. “New York Red Bulls with FIFA ban on registration of players for not complying with their decision to pay a solidarity contribution to three Polish clubs in exchange for the transfer of Patrick Klimala.” – I wrote.

Apart from Lechia, it is located around Legia Warsaw and Jagiellonia Białystok. In the case of the club of Lower Silesia, it is close to 30 thousand. Euro (about 150 thousand PLN). Legia should get 36000. The euro, and Jagiellonia more than 77 thousand. euro. Our annual budget is about 400 thousand. zloty. So this amount is a very serious cash infusion – emphasizes Baginsky.

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The Lecia manager knows very well that it is worth training the players. Krzysztof Piątek comes from this club. Lecia made about 1.3 million euros when he moved to Genoa (from Krakow for 4.5 million euros), Milan (35 million euros) and Herthe Berlin (24 million euros). For Klimala’s move to Celtic Glasgow, Leccia, who play the seniors in League Four, received almost 45 thousand. euro.

– There are no problems with receiving solidarity fees in Europe – admits Baginsky. – It’s worth training on your own. The money we earn is invested in youth training, we hire better coaches, training analysis systems and equipment, and we expand our offer. We have a big team, but we prefer the pupils to play in it, and we don’t bring players from Poland – he adds.

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