Robert Lewandowski's sister wears a bikini by the pool in Qatar during a break from cheering (photos)

Milena Lewandowska Miros It appears in Polish show business somewhat unobtrusively. He avoids events that have nothing to do with sports, but attends important events for Robert Lewandowski. Together with his loved ones, he supports the Polish striker during the Qatar World Cup.

from Instagram accounts Anna and Milena Lewandowski We know the ladies watched the first goal together Robert He scored in the World Cup, which was scored during Saturday’s meeting with Saudi Arabia. The reactions in the stands could not be different: Pride and ecstasy.

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In the eye tear Left, we love you! – wrote Levandowska in the reports.

Milena Lewandowska, like her well-known brother, loves sports. were playing in it volleyballBut it did not turn into a professional job. She married a businessman, the owner of the Sergio Leone brand, with whom she runs the family business today.

The relationship between Milena and her brother and sister-in-law is really strong. They often spend holidays together Milena is the godmother of the eldest daughter “Lewi” and Anya.

As you can tell from Melina’s extensive reporting straight from Qatar, she certainly can’t complain about being bored during the World Cup. After Saturday’s feelings and Poland’s match with Saudi Arabia Lewandowska relaxed in a luxury hotel and even took a picture by the pool. She was protected from the heat by large cups, a long linen bedspread, and an asymmetrical two-piece bikini. The design this summer did not cost much, as by World Cup and celebrity standards, because just over a thousand zlotys.

Watch how Robert Lewandowski’s sister spends her time in Qatar.

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Szeląg left Lara?

No, another Lewandowska influencer getting ready? I think the Lewandowskis are enough, my fridge just isn’t ready for that, and Ania and Robert jump out of it every day, and that’s enough!

Let her have fun. Fabulous.

She learned to stand with her leg up from Ann.

Mutual Admiration Society. As much as Robert’s talent stands for itself, in my opinion, all the rest are wardrobe shoulder hangers, dangling on the bar…. Somehow it all seems like that to me

latest comments (81)

Milena, and your Miros is still sitting on the tuner???

The tampon itself is really heavy, but it’s beautiful with this Athenian

Who else will you show in this bikini massacre How pathetic fans jaws dropped

Aska Bilasca

10 minutes ago

Wait… doesn’t Lewy have one sock?

Glad she went to cheer for her brother. fine grandma

It looks beautiful. All the best

…that you are more beautiful than your sister-in-law, by nature and perhaps also more intelligent /..

Hey Robert, thank you they have it all. Yes, it will be far from Pruszków to Qatar and expensive.

Mother’s beauty, sister-in-law’s strength

Very important information!!! A certain Melina in a bikini!!!!! Who cares about Digger’s sister. We already have an instantaneous arc, and here comes another one.

Left and sister… same noses

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