Here’s how you can make wind turbines more efficient!  Details lie in one feature of the structure

Scientists have discovered a way to allow wind turbines to produce more electricity. It turns out that the detail lies in the angle at which the structures are set to the wind. It is not necessarily the best solution for every positioned turbine.

Engineers at MIT I discovered how to increase the efficiency of wind turbines without any interference in their design and construction. Just slightly change the angle of one turbine on the entire wind farm and that’s it. why?

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Wind Energy It currently represents 5 percent. energy produced today. While this is not a high value, on a global scale, even a small improvement in how turbines operate will save a lot of money for both humans and nature.

Despite the fact that the increase in energy production from a given wind facility may seem modest (as it increases by 1.2% to 3% maximum), in the range of all existing farms in the world it would give the equivalent of 3,600 new or would be enough to supply up to 3 million households with electricity.

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Wind turbines are more efficient. How?

According to the researchers, wind turbines operate very individually. Each of them automatically adjusts itself at a suitable angle to the wind direction. The drive system does not take into account that the turbines can interfere with themselves, especially when placed close to each other.

MIT scientists created A model based on the physics of flowsThat learns from data from an entire wind farm. Then it finds the optimal positions for all the turbines together, and not for each one individually.

A team of researchers found that A slight rotation (even by 20 degrees) of one turbine from its originally best position against the wind is enough for the rest of the turbines to start producing more power with a large surplus. It can be generalized that it is enough for one turbine to take one step back so that the others take two steps forward.

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Several months of testing were conducted at a wind farm in India. The engineers believe that their predictive model will be applied to farms in other regions of the world, so wind energy production will be greater.

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