This is what the Lewandowski Prize really looks like.  Drogba Beck's bargaining slip

Robert Lewandowski He had a “five minutes” during the Ballon d’Or gala in Paris. He climbed on stage to win the award given to the “best scorer of the year”. The organizers gave him time to speak and made a list of his best songs.

but the category, Which was announced by the organizers only on the day of the concert, was not received favorably. It was written from the start as a potential “consolation prize” for Lewandowski, in line with the fact that Lionel won the Ballon d’Or Messi. In addition, the title of the best team of the year was awarded Chelsea.

Dion Lewandowski. Another journalist reveals his voice in the Ballon d’Or

Bargaining slip during the Ballon d’Or party!

Moreover, during the festive ceremony, there were voices that the Robert Lewandowski award sounds “as if it had been made in the morning.” As it turns out, there was a flattening slip during the ceremony. Didier DrogbaThe host of the ceremony handed the award to Lewandowski, but with his back!

Everything appeared when Robert Lewandowski Correctly posting a photo on Instagram while holding the award. Then it turned out that the award looks completely different from the one that the Polish striker received from Didier Drogba.“Lewandowski has been robbed again!” Evra rides the gang. Accused of “France Football”

Leo Messi has a wish: he deserved it

And the newspaper “Ole” daily quoted Lionel Messi, shortly after receiving the Ballon d’Or, that “Lewandowski deserved the cup a year ago.” These words were described in “La Nacion” as “Messi’s request to the organisers”.. So, at the end of their article, Ole journalists ask: Will Messi’s wish come true? Even before the ceremony, the organizers announced that they would not award the trophy for the previous year.

The case of Lewandowski’s “consolation award” was also criticized in the German media. “The fact that the organizers of the weekly France Football awarded Lewandowski a consolation award for being the top scorer of the year, so as not to leave the ceremony empty-handed, seemed like an excuse and almost an insult. Sorry dear colleagues, but please give up your role voluntarily and give up the right to vote for someone else next year. On Monday evening I became completely untrustworthy,” we read in a comment from the journalists.

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