[VIDÉOS] This young Quebecer of Spanish origin is already on his 3rd experience in the world of “La Voix”.

Leticia Jimenez is ready to hatch and take over the planet, singing in French, English and Spanish.

After participating in 2016, at the age of 11, in A younger voice – She was a finalist on the Marie-Maine team – later in 2019 Vocal childrenIn France, it now joins 10e the season the voice With the ambition to officially start his career as an actor.

Photo by Bertrand Exertier courtesy of TVA

She didn't come the voice with bare hands. Not only does she have an impressive voice, she also manages to draw on her past experiences in front of the cameras.

“As it was my third experience, it gave me a different perspective because I knew what to expect. There was less stress and I was in control,” he told QMI Agency.

Leticia, who studies human sciences at CEGEP, joined Cornell's group after singing. A love storyBy Thalida.

She failed to choose based on teams, and all the coaches rotated their red chairs at practically the same time. They highlighted his vocal technique and “crafted” interpretation.

Photo by Bertrand Exertier courtesy of TVA

The young lady was accompanied by her family, including her maternal grandfather, who was deeply moved by her choice of song, which perfectly reflects her love for the lady of her life, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and has been living at CHSLD for many years.

“It made him very emotional because it was like he saw my grandmother in me. I look like her when she was young.

The man was wearing a promotional bracelet for the song Invincible, Leticia launched in 2018. Even though he had to go under the knife and the medical team had to sterilize the lucky object he refused to remove, he never had it removed for six years. However, once she integrated the voiceHis grandfather was finally able to remove the bracelet at the end of his performance, a symbolic gesture.

“I'll have to find another lucky charm with him,” laughed Leticia.

Photo by Bertrand Exertier courtesy of TVA

Her grandfather, who was a pianist among other things, inspired her greatly, as did her grandmother, who was a dancer and lover of poetry. In a wink at them, Leticia also adds a verse in Spanish to Dalida's retelling of the play.
“It's a great tool for me, all this cultural baggage that follows me into music,” the 19-year-old told QMI in an interview.

He started taking singing lessons at the age of 4 and now aspires to combine flamenco and pop music like one of his favorite singers, Rosalia.

“I want to modernize flamenco and add French, because Rosalia only sings in Spanish,” said Leticia, who wants to share all of her cultural wealth, which she carries with her from Quebec and Spain.

Helping her find her own sound is Kevin Bassinette, who won the third season the voice, and Sony Black. He already has quite a few songs, including the most recent ones. Alone in the club.

No boundaries

Leticia Jimenez knows no boundaries. “I want to start in Quebec because that's where I live and that's my world, but if it's to go further, for me “the sky's the limit”.”

“I dream of a career! I aspire to it. I know it's a tough world and it's not easy to get there, but I want to make a living through my music. My grandmother always told me: “You're going to be a great singer”. Sometimes I think about it. Thinking, it motivates me to continue,” writes every morning and evening, especially poetry, apart from dancing.

They coordinate the voice

Team Roxane Bruneau
Andrew, 24, from Saguenay
Rosemary Gauthier, 25, of Lewes

Cornell Group
Anas Goulet, 18, of Drummondville
Leticia Jimenez, 19, is from Montreal

Team France d'Amour
Emily D'Amour, 30, from Laval
Emmanuel Hue, 36, is from Montreal

Mario Belsad Group
William Ozias, 25, of Montreal
Cathy Vallières, 43, from Sainte-Adèle

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