Katie Holmes is still trying the 'younger' look and it's not going down

“Katie Holmes should go to jail for that”: The dress of the American actress at the Jingle Ball event caused more than one internet user to react.

Many jumped when they saw the star of the show, Dawson (Dawson’s Creek), wearing a mini dress and a pair of jeans, with matching sneakers.

Getty Images via AFP

Internet users were quick to respond to 43-year-old Katie Holmes’ look, arguing that the dress and jeans combo should be from the 2000s.

Getty Images via AFP

“This trend started years ago and honestly, how is Katie Holmes trying to bring it back?” “Katie Holmes should go to jail for this,” wrote one Twitter user, while another was more serious.

Stylist Bree Welch says the dress was meant to be “younger” because it caused a lot of ink to flow. He says the look was festive and youthful to match the jingle ball vibrancy.

When internet users protested the return of the jeans outfit, it was more sensational in the case of Katie Holmes.

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“We decided that the bustier’s rich color and intricate detailing would look elegant and ‘fun’ with a pair of jeans,” she told The New York Times.

Sports shoes, nothing special at first glance, from the Maison Margiela brand. The shoes worth over US$700 were chosen by the actress who wanted to be comfortable while dancing to Dua Lipa songs.

Netizens, visibly relieved by Katie Holmes’ badass appearance, are raising the ultimate question: Will other stars be inspired by the 2000s ensemble?

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