London Heathrow Airport.  Strike at the airport.  There will be great difficulties

More than 300 border guards went on strike starting Monday at Heathrow Airport near London. The protest is scheduled to continue until Friday morning. Both staff and British authorities acknowledge that passengers will be affected. They should follow carrier announcements and be prepared for longer than usual lines at passport control.

The strike is organized by a labor union Public and commercial services (PCS) brings together Border Service personnel. The organization opposes changes to the personnel schedule prepared by management Airports Heathrow Airport – The largest in Great Britain. It is believed that if the plan comes into effect, 250 people They will have to leave their positions.

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The protest is scheduled to begin on Monday at 05:00. If the two sides do not reach an agreement by then, more than 300 guards will stop working and resume work four days later. Friday at 7 am. Those who intend to use the port during this time should prepare for longer lines at passport control, as well as possible delays.

Heathrow strike. Border Patrol does not agree with the new rules

– It is disappointing that, despite talks held last week, the Home Office is not prepared to introduce any flexibility into the new timescales – said PCS Secretary General Fran Heathcotequoted from The Guardian newspaper.

She added, “None of the dedicated and highly experienced border guards want to go on strike.” – But the way their employer treated them It leaves them no choice – I decided.

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Meanwhile, Heathcote stressed that a strike could still be prevented, and that it would take the ministry to achieve this. Abandon the introduction of the new systemThis is what the unionists described as “impossible” to implement.

London. Difficulties at Heathrow Airport. Travelers should follow announcements

The ministry's spokesperson admitted that the ministry was “disappointed” by the strike decision and stressed its “openness” to talks with PCS. In reference to those proposed Changes in schedule It stated that they had to “adapt the work organization of employees” to the rules applied “in all other large ports.” This includes, among other things: “improving the quality of services for travellers”.

Regarding the potential disruption caused by the strike, he said the ministry has plans to “minimize it.” However, passengers are advised to do so before travelling Check information from their tour operators.

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