March 20, 2023


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Gérard Poirier: "That's the grace, the definition of professionalism", says Yan England

Gérard Poirier: “That’s the grace, the definition of professionalism”, says Yan England

Gérard Poirier, on Sunday, saddened many personalities in Quebec, including director Jon England, who directed him in the 2011 short film “Henry”.

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“For me [M. Poirier] This is grace, the definition of professionalism, ”the actor and director shared over the phone with QMI Agency.

As soon as he started talking to her about the project, the 81-year-old immediately climbed up.

“Everyone who was on the set was Mr. Fell in love with the Bory. Wherever we went, everyone came to greet him, ”he added. “Then, when we were filming, he was incredibly accurate, but he was totally dedicated to his acting, and then he showed off his talents.”

“I learned a lot from the way Mr. Fourier smiles, greets people, and spends time with everyone around him,” Mr England said.

Martin Allery / QMI Agency / Montreal Journal

“Henry”, nominated for Best Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards, tells the story of Yan’s grandfather Morris England, who died of Alzheimer’s disease.

“I do not know [qu’il avait la maladie d’Alzheimer]. After all, we lost a great actor. I’m lucky to have him in my cast, and he’s agreed to play this role and I’m very lucky that he introduced himself and brought all his talents into this role. The page of realization also underlined that everything started for me thanks to him.