The life of Russian elites.  Putin's lover was involved with someone else

The love life of elites always arouses interest among the public. It is no different in Russia, where everything is shrouded in secrecy. Putin's love life has been the subject of speculation and rumors for years.

A few days ago we reported on the Russian dictator's alleged new love interest. Putin allegedly fell in love with “London-educated Barbie” Ekaterina Mizulina. The well-known internet monitor and detective was supposed to have stolen his heart some time ago.

Now Gen SVR's mysterious social media account is reporting that his ex-lover is moving on with her life as well. Alina Kabaeva is supposed to be happily in love. It seems that the person she chose is her bodyguard.

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According to media reports, Putin and Kabaeva began dating in 2007. The former Olympic champion in gymnastics, according to various sources, fathered two, three or even four children of Putin. Everything indicates that this relationship has become a thing of the past.

The authors of General SVR are said to be former agents of Russian services. More than 430,000 Internet users follow them on Telegram. Their English profile is followed by more than 15,000 people on Twitter. The creators of this medium regularly make revelations directly from the Kremlin.

Now this popular Russian internet profile suggests that Kubaeva, who was dumped by Putin, has become close to one of her bodyguards. The woman must arrange her life again.

Life for Alina Kabaeva, the famous former gymnast and ex-lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin, just got a little better. She was allowed to have a relationship with a Federal Protective Service officer who loved her, and she reciprocated. Alina has now literally blossomed – we read in the post of General SVR on the X platform.

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