Video of Mars from NASA.  A small helicopter flying over the surface of the red planet

Author: Canva/Screen images from NASA recording

NASA has shared an interesting video from Mars. If you think that only rovers explore this planet, you are wrong. NASA has released a video in which we can see a flying machine above the surface of the Red Planet. It’s not a UFO, but a small helicopter.

A small helicopter flying over the surface of Mars

Space invasion And colonizing Mars is something scientists dream of. But before we send humans to this planet, we need to know it better. most popular Pictures from Mars usually transferred Rover Perseverance. This vehicle has been exploring the surface of the Red Planet since 2021, searching, among other things, for Evidence for life on Mars. Few people know that the rover is equipped A small helicopter called Creativity. After Perseverance landed on Mars on February 18, 2021, this small unmanned helicopter separated from it. As of April 3, 2021, it is performing autonomous flights and transmitting images and data from the flight to the rover. Ingenuity is used to discover things of interest on Mars and plan the best route for the Mars rover. The flight of this unusual drone was captured on film. The recorded flyby of Ingenuity took place on August 3. on Video released by NASA We can see how a small drone checks its engines and then rises to a height of about 5 meters. After a while, turn left and go down. This short assignment was to check the navigation systems. The video was recorded by Mastcam-Z cameras placed on the rover. This was Ingenuity’s 54th flight to the surface of Mars.

Strange image from the Curiosity spacecraft. Was there a book about Mars?

Listen on loudspeaker.

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