Media: The Green Party in Germany wanted to extinguish nuclear energy despite expert analyses

The controversy over the topic was sparked by reports from the German magazine “Cicero”. In March 2022, immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Economy and Environment Ministries ignored expert opinions indicating that it might be justified to temporarily extend the operation of the country's last operating nuclear power plants, the newspaper's journalists say, citing internal information. Obtained through court documents from both ministries.

According to Cicero, Habeck's position contradicted the opinions of experts who claimed that nuclear energy could help reduce gas consumption and avoid an energy crisis.

The two ministries deny the newspaper's reports.

Continued article below the video

On Friday, during special meetings of the Bundestag's Environment and Economy Committee, Habeck and Lemke defended the decision to phase out nuclear power in Germany according to a timetable set before the Russian invasion.

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