June 5, 2023


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NASA prepares for the spectacular premiere of the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12

NASA prepares for the spectacular premiere of the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12

All space exploration enthusiasts have been waiting for this day for six months. NASA has finally announced an official date for the first time it will take pictures in space cosmic James Webb Telescope. The old Hubble telescope was scheduled to complete the calibration process by June. So far I only send test images, but now they should be full size color images with important spectral data. The grand debut of NASA’s latest technology wonder is set to happen 12 July 2022. The agency has already started the big countdown.

The James Webb Space Telescope is the newest astronomical observatory ever to go into space. NASA announces that thanks to advanced technology, the telescope will not only take high-quality images, but also provide information about the speed, temperature and spectrum of imaged space objects. Such accurate data will allow to assess the age of galaxies or even the composition of the atmospheres of the planets. Probably This will be the next step to find out if there is life in space.

The first place on the sky map where the latest NASA telescope will be directed is the star system TRAPPIST-1which was discovered only 5 years ago. At least scientists think it exists 7 planets similar in size to Earth. James Webb Telescope Will check out these planets There are conditions for life to appear.

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James Webb Space Telescope This was the first time he took pictures of the universe February 2, 2022. For 25 hours, he photographed only one star marked by the acronym HD84406, Which is located in the constellation Ursa Major. All telescope systems worked flawlessly. Then the successor to the Hubble telescope transmitted 54 gigabytes of data back to Earth. Astronomy lovers think so On July 12, they will see images of distant cosmic objects of a previously unknown quality. It is worth waiting for a while.