Scientists have turned dead birds into drones.  An innovative idea can help fly

What if dead birds turned into drones? This idea came up with scientists from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech).

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A team of scientists from the American University of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology used dead bird carcasses to create a drone.

Drones are like birds

Researchers have developed wings using the principle of bird wings. However, the breakthrough was the use of stuffed bird body parts and techniques used in building drones. In this way, he “resurrected” the birds.

The drones are currently being tested in a purpose-built cage at the university — they could be used to better understand flock formations and flight patterns, according to Reuters. “This, in turn, can be applied to the aviation industry,” said Mostafa Hassanalian, the project manager.

The team is also looking into whether color can affect flight performance.

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We have done experiments and found that for our fixed-wing aircraft, using a certain color can change the flight performance. And it might be the same for birds.”

“Present The prototype only flies for a maximum of 20 minutesHe concluded that the next phase would be an extension of time and wild tests with live birds.

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