USA Box Office: After vs. Paul.  “Kung Fu Panda 4” (I think) is the leader again
The two biggest cinema shows at the moment did not disappoint and attracted audiences to cinemas once again. Unfortunately, the remaining films were not able to interest a wider audience. As a result, total weekend receipts are lower than expected.

Right now, it's also impossible to say with certainty which movie will be the weekend's winner. All will be scheduled for Sunday afternoon and evening shows.

Currently, estimates provide minimal guidance for animation “Kung Fu Panda 4”. DreamWorks Animation hasn't had such a successful premiere in a long time. During its second weekend, the film lost only 48%. Thanks to this It is the first show of the year with box office grosses exceeding $100 million.

“Dune: Part Two” However, he does not give up the field easily. Current studio estimates put the film at $29.1 million. So he is “only” $900,000 away from returning to the leadership position. Even if it doesn't work out, Warner Bros. executives have no reason to complain. Villeneuve's bid just topped $200 million.

2024 films with revenues of more than $100 million

It seems that the studio Lionsgate did not appreciate the “Kung Fu Panda” branding. “My dog ​​Artur” It was directed primarily to Christian families. However, they did not go to see the movie with Mark Wahlberg. As a result, the opening was only $7.5 million.

Lionsgate bosses must have a bad face, because they gave up on this 2021 movie all at once (after they snapped up the rights to it when Paramount quit distribution). But then they changed their minds and returned to the idea of ​​cinema distribution. The only solace for them is the fact “My dog ​​Artur” It received great comments from those who watched it. The end result may not be as dire as it seems at first glance.

The same cannot be said about the new title from studio A24 “Love lies bleeding”. After opening in five theaters a week ago, the film is now widely available, and despite Kristen Stewart participating in the cast, almost no one has seen it. Its opening was 2.5 million, of which more than 1.1 million came from Friday. The film's small audience seems to be fading away.

Other entrants into the top 10 fared worse. “One life” — a biography of Sir Nicholas Winton, who in 1939 organized the transfer of 669 Jewish children from the German-occupied Czech Republic to Great Britain — grossed $1.7 million.

In turn, it is a satire of racial problems in America “American Society of Negro Magicians” Lost by $1.2 million.

Two major new releases will hit theaters on Friday. The first is them “Ghostbusters: Ice Empire”. The second – horror “Immaculate, very clean, very organized” With Sidney Sweeney currently winning in the romantic comedy “Just Not You.”

Box office in USA 15-17 marks

# Title He made money over the weekend earned in total A week on screen deep
1 Kung Fu Panda 4 $30.0 $107.74 2 4067
2 Sand Dunes: Part Two $29.1 $205.32 3 3847
3 My dog ​​Artur $6.68* $7.5 1 3003
4 Illusion $5.6 $19.08 2 3118
5 Goat $2.81 $13.0 2 2850
6 Love lies bleeding $2.49 $2.76 2 1362
7 Bob Marley: One Love $2.3 $93.37 5 2272
8 One life $1.71 $1.71 1 983
9 American Negro Magical Society $1.25 $1.25 1 1147
10 Ordinary angels $1.0 $18.07 4 1753

* Opening result from the same weekend

Disney also intends to bring Pixar animation to theaters “Luca”, which premiered in America on Disney+. This is the third Pixar film to be released on the big screen in the United States with a delay. The precedent was completely ignored by viewers, with disastrous results. There is no indication that this time will be different.

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