Matt Damon explains why there are no more movies like When?
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August 9, 2021, 2:25 pm

Matt Damon has a serious problem in the modern film market, and he recently decided to explain it in detail. Thus, he referred to the era of DVD, comparing it to a more technologically advanced world dominated by broadcasting.

Matt Damon, a famous Hollywood actor, producer and screenwriter, recently gave several interviews, which clearly showed his aversion to the modern film market and its laws. artist Taking Recently, he took part in an online Hot Ones fair, where he complained about the industry, chopping up hot wings with spicier sauces.

Damon thinks movies in the ’90s got easier. At that time, more high-budget dramas or more intimate works were created, all because all the work made money not only in movie theaters, but also through DVD distribution (or even VHS). All production costs were then supposed to be transparent, and the films came back without much hassle. Today, according to Damon, the situation in the industry is much worse.

It is true that the biggest brands make a lot of money from their successes, but the problem is not entirely with them. It is now difficult in Hollywood to shoot an ambitious romance that could easily earn it. Damon explains this using a production example Great Liberacewho participated in its creation. $25 million was spent on its filming. Then the same amount of money had to be allocated to a promotional campaign. Finally, it was necessary to distribute profits between the crew and cinema distributors. Request? For the movie to earn itself, it would need to make around $100 million, which is a cosmic and impossible result for the average biographical drama..

According to Damon, technological progress is responsible for this situation. DVD has been replaced by streaming platforms, and they are pioneers in today’s movie market. Moreover, the actor very much You do not like The fact that there is what?? Like the profit-safe production scheme, which is every superhero that strikes. Businesses of this nature are of no artistic value to Damon, and they are the ones who consume the most money from all over Hollywood.

How do you view the economic situation of contemporary cinema? Do you notice the obvious market grievances that Damon mentioned, or do you accept them because of the profound changes that have taken place in the film industry over the past several or twelve years? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments.

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