What is Christopher Nolan’s favorite comedy?  Nobody expected this title

Every Nolan movie is a big deal long before it’s even released. For weeks, the Internet has been filled with memes about the clash of Oppenheimer, the film about the title of “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” with another high-profile summer blockbuster — Barbie. Both very different films were released in theaters on the same day, earning them the term “Barbenheimer”. To date, the movie has grossed $666 million and the numbers just keep going up. It’s already been said that the production will be one of the favorites for next year’s Oscars.

Nolan’s pictures are always serious, so it was not surprising when, during an interview on “The Rich Eisen Show”, he began to list his favorite works that belong to the classics of cinema. However, there was one post that interested the director’s fans.

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