Grażyna Wolszczak is honest about collaborating with Julia Wieniawa

Grażyna Wolszczak started working with Julia Wieniawa. How did they work? There were some problems in the beginning.

Julia Winyawa It has been on the rise for a long time. Her career started with the times She later starred in more series and movies. Among the plots with her participation, the following can be distinguished: Small world, no one will sleep in the woods today, suicide room. Hater, all my friends are dead. The actress is also more daring in the music market.

She focused entirely on music, but during the holidays, apart from playing festivals, she played in series or made other film projects. In January I’m starting a new stage play, so it’s time for me to evolve and get out of my comfort zone, I love it so much, because the world of theater is so different and interesting. I’m slowly working on my second album, and now I’m on tour. There’s a little bit of it, but I like how it happens and I don’t like to get hung up — I opened the door to a Jastrząb Post reporter.

Soon Julia will appear in a new play, with which the correspondent of our portal, Karolina Motylewska, spoke to her Grazyna and Welshchak.

Grażyna Wolszczak on collaborating with Julia Wieniawa

The interviewer from Jastrząb Post announced that the play with Julia – Game The premiere will take place on February 9th.

On February 9th we have the premiere at the Garnizon Sztuki Theatre. It’s an art that really makes a lot of fermentation, because it is Julia Winyawa and Adam Woronovich. The group may seem incompatible, but they play together and it brings up a lot of feelings – me too. Fingers crossed, I think we’ll have another hit.

How did they come up with the idea of ​​casting these roles?

The director sent us this script saying that Adam Woronovich is interested in it. My partner and I read this text, looked at each other and said in one voice – Wieniawa. She fits the role well and is perfect. After a moment of hesitation, Adam got really excited about the idea.

Unfortunately, the beginnings of the collaboration were not easy. Julia was not very eager to participate in the performance and for a long time did not recognize the text sent to her. In addition, she was afraid that Grażyna and Adam only wanted to take advantage of her popularity. But once I read the script, I was moved.

Julia had not read the text for a long time, I told her to do so. I thought we were just trying to cash in on her popularity and it wasn’t until I read the script that she said it was awesome.

How were the price negotiations?

With art projects, actors and artists in general approach it differently. We met in these negotiations very quickly. There was no problem.

Are you going to art?

Grazyna and Welshchak

Julia Winyawa - Jubilee Gala 30 years from Telewizja Polsat

Julia Winyawa – Jubilee Gala 30 years from Telewizja Polsat

Grażyna Wolszczak - Łukasz Jemiol Show

Grażyna Wolszczak – Łukasz Jemiol Show

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