Super Hero on new ores.  Poster with Gohan and new trailers

The premiere of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in Japan is fast approaching. I have to admit that while I won’t be able to see this production on the day it debuts, they expect to know how it will be evaluated by local audiences. I love the Dragon Balls brand, and each subsequent release (regardless of the format) is a huge hit for me.

And as the moment to enter theaters approaches, more and more production-related materials are appearing on the Internet. For example, we recently got a drawing (you can find it in the gallery), which It is a production promotional poster – And it looks interesting, as it introduces Gohan, Piccolo, and several opponents. There is a lot of controversy about the font in which it is created, but I leave that to you for your evaluation.

Besides, on TV from the Land of the Rising Sun. New sites have been posted One of them lasts more than a minute and focuses on Piccolo, which has not received its airtime for a very long time. The trailer itself allows us to get a little insight into the plot and learn more about what the Red Ribbon Army has to do with it all. Without extending it, check it out for yourself!

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