Fuel prices and significant changes.  As of March 18, change of work at stations

How much do petrol, diesel and LPG 95 cost? Important changes from March 18

Gasoline pricesDiesel oil and liquefied petroleum gas, as announced by the latest analyst reports. What amounts will be received for drivers starting Monday, March 18, 2024?

– In the last retail price offer we saw a discount on diesel and 95 octane gasoline. Unfortunately, next week It is difficult to expect the same movement in the case of gasoline – Analysts announced e-petrol.pl. Here are the details of the changes in fueling costs…

Changes in fuel prices in Poland. How much do petrol, diesel and LPG 95 cost?

95 gasoline Diesel fell by 2 cents last week to PLN 6.39 and PLN 6.67, respectively. LPG costs 2.89 PLN/litre. However, there are dark clouds looming on the horizon.



95 gasoline

6.39 zlotys/l

Diesel oil

6.67 zlotys/l

liquefied petroleum gas

2.89 zlotys/litre

Gasoline is becoming more expensive wholesale and that's bad news

Crude oil is becoming more expensive and will continue to be more expensive. Analysts point to the reasons for this situation, among others: effective attacks by the Ukrainians on oil sector facilities in Russia, which could limit fuel production. Political tensions linked to the conflict in the Middle East are not helping either. In addition, in the United States, after several weeks of increases, oil inventories fell.

Gasoline supplies abroad are also declining, which may be a cause for concern for those refueling ahead of the upcoming summer travel season. Especially since expectations indicate an acceleration in the pace of demand for it fuelExperts take note.

And in Poland 95 gasoline In the refinery price lists, the price increased by PLN 48 at a cost of PLN 5,092 per cubic meter. The price of 98 gasoline increased even more – the price rose by about PLN 76 to PLN 5,618. This is not good news for drivers.

New prices at gas stations as of March 18. How much does 95 gasoline cost?

– Progressive changes in Polish stations It may result from the situation in the international market. There we see a positive change in oil prices to the highest level this year – Refers to analysts.

From Monday 18 March The most popular 95 gasoline On average it will cost 6.36-6.47 PLN per liter. The most noble 98 gasoline costs PLN 6.97-7.07 / liter.

Car drivers from enginediesel They have to refuel for 6.59-6.71 PLN/l. The price of LPG will be PLN 2.82-2.89 per litre.


Price as of March 18, 2024

95 gasoline

6.36-6.47 zlotys/l

98 gasoline

6.97-7.07 zlotys/litre

Diesel oil

6.59-6.71 zlotys/l

liquefied petroleum gas

2.82-2.89 zlotys/l

Development at gas stations, gasoline is more expensive before Christmas

Also, according to BM Reflex experts, there will be a reversal in the trend of price changes in the local wholesale market mid-week, unless Excites will continue, almost completely ruling out the possibility of further reductions in prices at gas stations. What's more, the probability will increase High fuel prices at some stations, especially gasoline Mainly here, where prices today are clearly below average levels. In the context of upcoming holiday trips, these forecasts are not optimistic.

Refueling the car / Thomas Sevastianovich

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