Top Model.  Poetry of tragedy on set.  Casper formed into a bubble and then suddenly collapsed.  He has no oxygen.  Two people withdrew

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competition in the programtop model“I entered a crucial phase. In Wednesday’s episode, the participants struggled to realize their dreams, a trip to Fashion Week. The tasks that were to choose winners and losers were accompanied by great emotion.

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Olga Kroll of Top Model changed her hair

“ŚOPW”. Tomek directly on the character of Julia. The crowd was shocked. “I pity the girl”

Top Model. Almost a tragedy felt in the set. ‘has no oxygen’

The first task was not the easiest. Aspiring models and models had to turn into dolls and stand in the balloons in the pond. oh a little PoetryAnd a tragedy will happen. Kakbar, trapped in a bubble, nearly lost consciousness.

It has no oxygen. Get it quickly. what are you waiting for?! Joanna Krupa was nervous.

it was hard. I am king. I am very tired, said Casper, after leaving the bubble.

Overall, the judges found that Nicole did the best in this exercise. On the other hand, Eric was the worst.

Top Model. Vogue magazine session

One of the tasks made the participants shiver. It was a session for Vogue magazine. Supermodels and aspiring supermodels beside statues. Who did the best? Nicole was happy again.

I like you, but I expect more from you – said Joanna Krupa.

Doubt AgataCaught a doda for shopping. Boring design, but we look at the handbag

The jurors also appreciated Kakber, telling him of great success in the fashion world, as well as Julia.

The picture is great because you are like that. There is a fashion and think about it, said Katarzina Sukwawska.

For the last time, the participants in this composition were on the board. In the end, two people ended their adventure with the program – Eric and Olga.

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