Ida Novakovska experienced a live gurgling slip: 'The hosts are lost'

Ida Novakoska He is the chief journalist for TVP. She began to dance and participate in folk dance programs. Today, he runs programs such as: “A Question for Breakfast”, “The Voice Kids” and “Dance Dance Dance”. In 2015, she married Jacek Herdon, and the couple recently became Max’s parents.

In the morning breakfast program “PNŚ” Ida Novakoska And Thomas Woolney He called someone who had to explain how the bath salts and bath bombs worked.

The ball and salt test was an important component of the programme. Ida Novakoska She picked a blue ball and said:

After a while throwing the bath bomb into the container, The power of the bubble material was so strong that it started to flood the entire leaders table.

program guest Show the characteristics of bath balls calmed down: “Look, we took that into account! Well, maybe not so much.”

Thomas Woolney took the container in his handI took it off the table and headed toward the grass to prevent the blue water from spreading.

sarcastic Thomas was talking to the guest of the show: “Did you take him into account, really?! That’s what you take into account? Well, he’s really planning…”

The studio immediately moved to the program studio, where Olek Sikora and Małgorzata Tomaszewska sat with the new guest. And the journalists joked with Ida and Tomek, saying: “The hosts frowned“.

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