Germany.  The daring theft of the golden treasure of the Celts.  Action like Ocean's Eleven

In total, 483 first-century BC gold coins were stolen by thieves, and their discovery in Manching in 1999 caused a sensation. According to the Celtic-Roman Museum, the hoard containing artifacts weighing a total of about four kilograms is the largest find of Celtic gold in the 20th century.

The theft happened on Tuesday. A spokesman for the Bavarian state’s criminal office said: “The break-in must have taken place in the early hours of the morning.” It was classic, just like you’d imagine in a bad movie.

Sabotage on communication lines

Investigators reported that an optical fiber was previously cut in the technical room of the telecommunications company Telekom. This cut off telephone and Internet connections for about 13,000 individual and corporate customers in and around the city. So it was impossible to start quickly Warning.

According to estimates the policeIt would be difficult for the perpetrators to sell the stolen gold treasure in Mansheng. It is likely that they will want to melt down the 483 Celtic coins and sell them as gold, according to the daily Die Welt.

The Bavarian Minister of Culture, Markus Bloem (CSU), believes that an organized criminal group is behind the theft of the Manching gold treasure. “Obviously you don’t just go to a museum like this and then take the treasure,” Blum told the Bavarian. radio. – (Such a treasure) is well secured and therefore it is clear that we are dealing here with an organized crime case, – added Minister Blum.

A huge loss of history and culture

Bloom stated that the cultural damage caused by the looters is enormous. – said the minister, – the loss of the treasure of the Celts is a disaster, and gold coins and testimonies of our history are irreplaceable. In his opinion, everything must be done to catch the criminals.

This is not the first time that an archaeological site near Manching in northern Bavaria has attracted criminals. At the beginning of May, looters illegally dug about 140 holes in the scientific excavation area. At that time, a specialized company was exploring the ground for the construction of a highway. Experts hypothesize that the perpetrators were then looking for finds from the Celtic period using soil probes. It is not yet known if anything was stolen at this place – the investigation is ongoing.

The most famous robbery in Dresden

The most famous theft in recent years occurred in a German museum in November 2019. Then the “Green Vault” was stolen in Dresden. 21 A piece of jewelry with diamonds and diamonds, with a total value of more than PLN 113 million euro. To date, the loot has not been found. Several men are being tried in Dresden for theft. Antiquities led to the Berlin clan with Arab roots.

The article comes from the site Deutsche Welle.

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