electric bikes Logo sharing is available, among others, in Tri-City, Krynica Morska and Kołobrzeg. to take advantage of it, Install the app, accept the regulations, enter your card number and choose the package: PLN 20 or PLN 50 per day, PLN 100 per week, or PLN 300 per monthe- One of them was promoted under the slogan: “20 PLN / dayPASS. You start free and you get 40 minutes drive per day”.

from Competition and Consumer Protection Office Several people reported that while using the Logo-Sharing scooters, they were convinced they were buying one.

– I recently realized that after a one time rental of the Logo Sharing scooter in Tri-City, my bank account was charged until today. Not to contact the rental company or, as a last resort, any “points or minutes” that should be available after each fee has been charged. Charged twice a day or more often even after leaving Tri-City – one Logo-Sharing customer described.

– Report a scam for renting a scooter in the city of Sopot. In July 2020, we rented a moped and to this day the Logo company from Sopot charged us PLN 22.10 several times a day, bringing the amount to more than PLN 6,700 – someone else said.

UOKiK: Difficult to access information, how to opt out

The head of UOKiK initiated proceedings against the Polish company Logo-Sharing, which was the operator of the service until May 9 this year, and the current operator – Logo-Sharing Group LLC, registered in Georgia.

He accused them of giving the impression that the consumer is buying a one-time ride on a motorbike, when it is an automatic paid subscription. The UOKiK announcement confirmed that the names “20 PLN / day PASS”, “100 PLN / week PASS”, “300 PLN / month PASS” available in the Logo-Sharing app – actually mean the frequency of withdrawing money from the account, not the time when you can use scooter.

– There are no obvious signs in the application that would explain this to the customer. Sharing a logo also does not clearly provide the information required by law – about the price, when the contract was concluded and how to terminate it. The company did not provide any possibility to contact it – consumers can call the hotline where a recording is played of answers to the most frequently asked questions. Suspicion is also aroused by the fact that the button to place an order has not been marked with an “order with obligation to pay” or equivalent – it was included in the UOKiK advertisement.

The content of the complaints we receive shows that logo sharing services are primarily used by tourists. Many of them notice that the money disappears from their accounts only after completing their vacation. If they were given reliable information that they were automatically requesting a subscription, they may not have used the company’s services. We will check it in the proceedings – comments Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK.

OTP and application platforms have been notified

The office informed the Prosecutor’s Office about the actions of the operators Logo-Sharing, and proceedings in this case are being conducted by the city police headquarters in Sopotthat the injured can report.

In addition, the platforms containing the AppStore, AppGallery and Google Play mobile apps have been notified of the allegations against the Logo-Sharing operators, bearing in mind that in the current situation, consideration should be given to removing the Logo-Sharing app from view.

YukikI want customers who get paid for Logo-Sharing to opt out of this app subscription and thus terminate the contract with the company. According to the bureau, the next step should be to file a complaint Noting that the funds were unnecessarily withdrawn.

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