DCEU like MCU?  Warner Bros.  Discovery announces a 10-year plan to develop the comic book world

Changes we’ve been able to read about in the past few days, which have taken place at Warner Bros. (Actually in Warner Bros. Discovery, which is now worth emphasizing), it caused a lot of confusion. Several productions were canceled, moved away from animation and classics, and even announced a change in the distribution of her greatest hits, which was changed relatively recently.

Moreover, several completely new reports surfaced during the meeting of investors. Some were overwhelmingly negative, while others allowed themselves to have some benefit from that. One of the elements that can be optimistically attributed to the latter group is the affirmation of the desire to develop the DC Extended Universe, i.e. show DC Comics – This is how the CEO of the World Bank described it. Discovery, David Zaslav:

We will assign a team to be responsible for the 10-year plan focused exclusively on the capital. This is very similar to the structure that Disney’s Alan Horn and Bob Iger created for Kevin Feige.

Well, how do you learn from the best, right? Although, of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can now be accused of mistakes, it cannot be denied How did you become so great. After all, we are talking about a series of films that practically guarantee an excellent income. So if the WB. Finally it will be possible to see him in the future, perhaps the gap between the two worlds will narrow a little.

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