“The Lady”: Netflix movie review with Millie Bobby Brown.  it's boring
  • “antiquities” Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Z Millie Bobby Brown She debuted in the lead role in Woman's Day Netflix. The cast included, among others: Robin Wright and Angela Bassett.
  • The film was widely promoted as a huge hit with a young international star in the cast. Although the beginning looks pretty good, it's ultimately a skippable element. “The Lady” does not use the potential of the story and the heroine. It satisfies the viewer with boredom and… poor lighting of the scenes in the cave.

Elodie (Millie Bobby Brown) is a young girl who comes from a not very wealthy family. Her father decides that she will marry a handsome and, above all, wealthy prince. Immediately after the fairytale wedding, it turns out that the royal family has been scheming all along. Elodie becomes a sacrifice to pay off an old debt. She is thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, and must rely on her wits to survive.

The beginning of the movie amazed me. She was easily drawn into the fairytale and colorful world of the royal family. Although the story seemed formulaic (poor girl marries rich prince), an attempt was made to modernize it. Elodie is an emotional heroine, and her personality traits are clearly visible from the first minutes. I was particularly impressed by her close relationship with her younger sister. No ideal future princess has been created who has nothing interesting to offer. We see a flesh and blood character on screen. Millie Bobby Brown, who we know from the TV series “Stranger Things,” was fantastic in the role. In “The Lady” she appears herself in a completely new version. It's also great to see Robin Wright as the Queen and Angela Bassett as Elodie's stepmother. “Lady” is a truly feminine film!

I was also impressed by the technical aspects of the film. Sophisticated costumes, gorgeous scenography and eye-pleasing landscapes. The creators managed to create a wonderful atmosphere that immediately fascinated me.

Unfortunately, it all falls apart when the action moves to a cave, where we don't actually see much.

I have to admit that the royal family plot may not have been the most innovative idea in the world, but it had potential. Unfortunately, it is not used. Elodie goes to a cave where she has to fight a dragon. Firstly, the lighting is bad – I feel sorry for the people who will see “The Lady” in broad daylight. Secondly, Millie Bobby Brown does everything she can to grab the viewer's attention, but fails miserably. Her character conflicts are dull, unappealing, and devoid of emotion.

The last objection may be surprising, since we've already gotten to know and love Elodie. Unfortunately, this character has completely lost its appeal. Maybe because of the very clear presentation in the dialogues – some of the lines seem corny. Or maybe it's because we don't have a creative idea to create an interesting character that we want to follow.

“The Lady” could have been an interesting fantasy film, but the result is a boring, forgettable production.


“The Lady”, dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Release date on Netflix: March 8, 2024

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