This Polish beer is selling like hotcakes in Germany.  It is a symbol of luxury there, although in Poland it costs a few cents

Poles love beer

The most popular beer brands in Poland for many years are: Tyskie, Lech and Żywiec. We can buy them from any store at very reasonable prices. Usually, the price of “Tyskie” does not exceed PLN 4 per can or half-liter bottle. When we come across a promotion, we will pay about PLN 3.50. This doesn’t compare much to the prices of craft beer or products from popular breweries.

Some Polish beers are also available abroad. Due to the great popularity of beer in Germany, the sections for this drink are very wide and you will find there many types of beer – from the cheapest to the “top shelf”, as well as many imported products. So we decided to check How much does Polish beer cost? In German supermarkets. The price turned out to be surprisingly high!

Cheap sugar from Germany is a thing of the past! The price is shocking!

Beer is very cheap in Germany. When it comes to popular and low-end brands, prices range between 60 and 70 cents per can or bottle, i.e. less than 3 Polish złoty. Additionally, you must add a deposit of 8 cents per bottle or 25 cents per can. It is almost the same or even less than in Poland. To get a “better” beer you have to pay more than one euro.

Polish beer prices in Germany

In beer stalls, among German products, you can often find famous Polish brands. This is the case, among others, with “Lech” and “Tyskie”, which can often be purchased in supermarkets and are available in large quantities. This should please Polish beer lovers who don’t like German beer and remain loyal to their brand. However, when it comes to paying for their purchases, they may feel unpleasantly disappointed. It turns out that the prices of seemingly inexpensive Polish beer here are much higher than in the country and are comparable to “premium” German brands. Differences reach tens of percent.

In German supermarkets of the Kaufland or Rewe chains, a bottle of “Tyskie” costs between 99 cents and 1.09 euros. This includes an 8-cent deposit per bottle. This is roughly the same cost as the “best” German beer. When converted to Polish złoty, this amounts to about 5 Polish złoty, i.e. 5 Polish zloty. We pay about 30 percent more than we pay in Poland. In the case of “canned” beer, the price is higher. We will pay €1.09 per piece, but a higher deposit of 25 cents must be added to this. This amounts to 1.34 euros, or about 6 Polish zlotys. In this case The price is about 50 percent higher Compared to Polish stores, where not only is the unit price lower, but there is also no deposit for the box.

Is the difference big?

is this too much? In the case of a single can or bottle, the price difference may not be noticeable and significant on the wallet. However, if we are in a larger group on holiday in Germany and want to buy more Polish beer for the barbecue, it may turn out that we have overpaid slightly.

Economic inflation. We compared prices in Polish and German Lidl. The result for us is complete…

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