February 9, 2023


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Banning cryptocurrency mining across the EU?

Banning cryptocurrency mining across the EU?

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency are calling on the authorities European Union To introduce strict regulations, under which it will come into force No cryptocurrency mining in the European Union. To get started, digital miners should start using Renewable energy.

Organizations report that Sweden only consumes cryptocurrency mining every year 1 terawattogodzin. Such electricity can Meet the needs of 200,000 families. If cryptocurrency mining is banned, there will be significant energy savings in Sweden, thus, Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. The most powerful impact would be if crypto mining was banned across the European Union.

Another idea for ecologists is to introduce a tax regulating cryptocurrency mining with the help of Proof of concernK – Swedish organizations encourage the use of methods proof of stake And profit on transactions, since mining Bitcoin It has already reached 90 percent.

Cryptocurrency experts believe that the ideas of the Swedes do not exist and have no chance of appearing outside their country. Cryptocurrencies are the future of global finance There is no indication that anyone in the Western world would prevent their extraction. On the contrary, it is very likely that many countries will establish Bitcoin as their national currency, for example. May be the first soon Ukraine.

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