How is Heinz ketchup produced?  “You cannot move faster than 1.25 cm per second.”

tellerKetchup is one of the most popular food additives and can be found in many households around the world. We add it to hamburgers, french fries, and everything else we can think of. Heinz is one of the leading companies in the ketchup market. It sells more than 650 million bottles annually worldwide. We visited the company's European factory in the Netherlands to see how these world-famous food additives are manufactured.

Kraft Heinz Elst, Netherlands

Daniel Tra, Director of Operations, Kraft Heinz: At Elst, we produce sauces for Kraft Heinz. Our main product is ketchup. It is responsible for 70 percent. Our production.

We produce approximately 1.8 million bottles per day, which translates to approximately 175,000 bottles. Tons of ketchup annually.

This is how Heinz ketchup is produced.

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teller: The ketchup production process begins as 1.3-ton boxes of tomato paste are transported from the Heinz warehouse using automated forklifts. The boxes are opened and then placed in a dump truck, whose huge rollers compress the dough. After pressing, the paste is placed in a bowl where it is mixed with water to give it a smoother consistency. This facilitates its transfer to the tank where it matures until it is transported to the ketchup kitchen.

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