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HomescienceThis object challenges our knowledge. The scale and activity challenge previous...

This object challenges our knowledge. The scale and activity challenge previous views


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Until now, scientists have assumed that supermassive black holes could form from truly massive stars that collapsed to form a black hole, which then becomes supermassive.

The second option was the theory that supermassive black holes arise Directly from gas clouds weighing between 10,000 and 100,000 solar masses.. This second explanation fits the data from this distant galaxy more closely. However, the black hole's activity makes the explanation ambiguous.

Data recently collected by the James Webb Space Telescope suggests this is the most likely solution The second of the theories mentioned. However, with this supermassive black hole, it is not so clear. All because of the incredible accumulation of matter to which it is exposed.

The supermassive black hole itself does not emit light, but the material surrounding it does. The materials that revolve around it undergo the action The gravitational forces are incredible.

Eddington gloss It determines the balance between the gravity of an object and the radiation pressure generated by that object. Above this limit everything collapses, below it everything collapses. Supermassive black holes are extreme objects, so they can exceed this limit. For this particular object, discovered in a distant galaxy, the accretion rate and associated light are five times greater than the Eddington limit.

The team wonders whether this extreme has persisted since the object's formation, because if so, the theory that a supermassive black hole formed from clouds of gas would be possible. Discover so far Distant supermassive black holes That would dispel doubts.

A research paper has been published detailing the study of the oldest supermassive black hole In the journal Nature.

Echo Richards
Echo Richards
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