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The researchers described their achievements in National Science ReviewExplain how lunar soil samples can act as a catalyst. This is involved in converting carbon dioxide and water into methane and oxygen. This is very good news, especially given Artemis’ upcoming plans for NASA. One of his main goals is to bring the man back to the Silver Globe.

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Another aspect, of course related to space travel, is the cost to space agencies in carrying out the payloads. It’s very high, despite advances in getting people, things, and resources into orbit. By limiting the resources, it will be possible to avoid supplying, for example, fuel for bases built on the Moon.

The use of lunar resources on site to achieve extraterrestrial fuel and oxygen production is essential for humans to carry out mining missions on the Moon. Since there are limited human resources in extraterrestrial regions, we proposed the use of an automated system to complete the complete configuration of the CO2 catalytic conversion system.The lead author, Yujie Xiong . explains

As part of the experiment, scientists used samples collected during the Chang’e-5 mission, which ended with a landing in Mongolia in December 2020. At that time – for the first time since 1976 and the Apollo missions – the lunar regolith was delivered to Earth. The researchers showed that the soil there is an excellent catalyst, enabling the electrical conversion of carbon dioxide into methane and oxygen. The problem may be that liquefaction of CO2 is not easy. After all, gas condensation requires a lot of heat, and this can be a problem on the Moon.

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No significant difference can be observed between manned and unmanned systems, which also indicates the possibility of significant simulation of our proposed system in extraterrestrial regions and proves the feasibility of further optimizing the catalysts on the Moon.The researchers concluded

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