Zdzisław Wardejn is 83 years old and still in great shape!  See how the cultured Wolański has changed from “Kogla Mogla”!

“Kogel Mogel” is a cult film that entertained subsequent generations of Poles for years. One of the stars of the production is Zdzisław Wardejn, who played Lecturer Wolański on screen. The legendary actor is already 83 years old, but he is still in great shape! See how it has changed over the years!


Zdzisław Wardin was born on April 21, 1940 in Warsaw. He is a Polish theater and film actor. In 1961 he graduated from the acting department of the Theater Academy. Alexander Zelorowicz in Warsaw, then in 1973 he graduated from the directing department of the same university. He made his big screen debut in Hubert Drapelly's film “Against the Gods”, where he played a member of airport radar control. He made his theatrical debut in 1961, when he appeared in the play “Reconstructing the Poet,” adapted from Zbigniew Herbert’s publication, and directed by Goetta Pinkiewicz.

Throughout his career, Wardejn performed in various theatrical productions, including: in Zielona Gora (Lubusz Theatre, 1961-1963), Poznań (Polish Theatre, 1963-1967) and Kraków (Rozmajetoci Theatre, 1967-1968). Since 1968, he has been associated with Warsaw theatres, such as the National Theater (1968-1982), Ochota (1983-1984) and Nowy (1984-1993). In the years 1993-2005 and 2014-2018 he was an actor at the Warsaw Drama Theater. However, his role as Assistant Professor Marian Volanski in the film series “Kogel Mogel” made him very popular among viewers. After many years, he returned to this creativity and delighted fans of the production once again!

The actor's wife is Małgorzata Pritulak, with whom he has two sons: Przemysław and Franciszek. Previously, Zdzisław Wardejn was married to actress Irena Grzonka, with whom he had a son, Wojciech.

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Zdzisław Wardejn is 83 years old and still in great shape! let's see…

7 years ago

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